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Activities in the Kruger National Park Area

· Four Days Mozambique NEW! · Abseiling at Makuhlu NEW!
· Sabie River Rafting NEW! · Paintball NEW!
· Horse Trail along the Sabana RiverNEW! · Quadbiking in the Sabie River Valley NEW!
· Mountain Boarding in the Sabie Valley NEW! · Geckoiing NEW!
· Mountain Biking NEW! · Climbing Wall NEW!

Four days Mozambique
Start/End: Nelspruit
Duration: 4 days
Departure: varied run times
- Breakfast
- Tour Guide
- Meals
- Hotel / Hostel Pickup
- Accommodation

Day one we awaken as the sun rises and begin our exquisite journey, leaving Nelspruit and heading towards our well deserved vacation in Mozambique. Once we have completed the hustle and bustle of Border formalities we are welcomed to the cosmopolitan life of Maputo. We relax and enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the capital city and then take in a bit of sight seeing of this awesome city. A must is a visit to the local market before we book into the guest house. As the sun sets and the night envelopes us. We dine out on fresh seafood in abundance, that is from the fish market as we enjoy the ambience of the local Portuguese restaurants of Mozambique. Partying the night away at one of the local jazz clubs.
Day two, we hopefully awaken refreshed after a night of partying together with a great nights sleep and after a scrumptious breakfast we travel north to the coastal town of Biliene. On arrival we drop off our bags in the quaint Palmerios Lodge which is perfectly situated a mere few meters from the lagoon. The day is filled with plenty relaxation under the sunny skies with the Indian ocean sparkling before us. Whether a sparking swim in the ocean or a leisurely walk on the golden sands of the beach are order of the day, an enjoyable dinner whilst drinking in the true beauty of the beach and sea together with a perfect sunset ends a perfect day.
Day three promises plenty of rest and relaxation on the beach. With a wide variety of choices - you decide what will today bring: sunbathing? Fishing? Snorkeling or a day of exploring and visiting the locals? The world is your oyster in Beliene! The evening descends upon us with a dinner of fresh fish bought from the local fisherman - a truly unforgettable tropical experience.
Day four, we hesitantly awaken, as we realize its time to leave the peaceful and idyllic setting of the beach and life on the beach. After a last scrumptious breakfast, set against the backdrop of the ocean we traverse back to South Africa as we indulge in our stunning memories made in Mozambique.


Sabie River Rafting
Enjoy the exhilarating rush of negotiating your way past white water rapids on this scenic rafting trip down the beautiful Sabie River. A morning departure from your Hazyview hotel brings you to the green banks of the lower Sabie River Valley and the start of your rafting adventure. After a short safety briefing from your experienced instructor, set off downstream in your two man inflatable ‘croc’ raft. The journey runs for about six kilometres through the scenic river valley past inigenoius forest and over numerous series of small rapids. Although the rafting experience is a challenging fun-filled journey, no previous experience of rafting is necessary and all equipment including life jackets and helmets are provided.  

Horse Trails along the Sabana River
Trails wind through the beautiful Lowveld scenery of the Sabana River, indigenous bush and fruit orchards. You might also catch a glimpse of small antelopes like the red duker, and if you are a bird watcher, you'll be in paradise!
We have a number of routes into the indigenous bush. We are also able to accommodate both novices and experienced riders. The maximum weight accommodated will be 90 kg. We have a 1-hour, 2-hour or half-day trail. We also organise moonlight trails during the full-moon.

Mountain Boarding in the Sabie Valley
Join us here at Induna adventures for a rush of beautiful forested roads down into the Sabie Valley! Mountain boarding is quite easy for anyone with reasonable sense of balance. It combines the freestyle aspects of snowboarding, grass boarding, sand boarding, skateboarding and surfing. Within one hour, most people can learn the basics on our slight grass slopes before heading out for the adventure of a lifetime!  

Mountain Biking
Induna Adventures offers easy to very difficult single track mountain biking. All routes are nicely marked, and you will receive a map to guide you along the way. We also have guide trails available. The scenery is out of this world! Beginners and experienced riders are welcome.  

Abseiling at Makuhlu
We will take you to Makuhlu where the abseiling starts, where you will face a 27 m high granite rock, facing the Kruger National Park. Great rock formations and breathtaking views add spice to this adrenalin-packed experience. Our abseil venue is ideal with an easy hike up the back of the cliff and a vertical drop at the front.  

Paintballing is a fun and technical exercise! While there are many different types of games, they all involve strategy, stealth and quick thinking. There are a variety of games to choose from.  

Quadbiking in the Sabie River Valley
The trails run through the scenic Sabie River Valley, winding along the Sabana River, indigenous vegetation, mountain hills and streams. The tracks vary from technical to very easy; so, we have something to offer the expert as well as the beginner!
We use Suzuki Quads and we offer a wide range of bikes for you to choose from. We do not have a minimum group size. The bigger groups are split into several smaller groups consisting of five bikes per group, making the trip more manageable.

A gecko is a very small raft; the steering of a gecko is really easy since you will be using webbed gloves rather than paddles. Not only is geckoiing an easy and safe activity, it is also one of the coolest ways to have fun with family and friends in the sun and water!  

Climbing Wall
Here at Induna Adventures, we make climbing safe thanks to our qualified guides and quality equipment. Climbing is a sport that combines strength tempered by technique; it is a balance between anxiety and determination, finding pathways through the impossible. It is a playground that prepares you mentally for life. Our climbing wall will leave you satisfied and on top of the world!  



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