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Tanzania / Zambia: TAZARA suspens border crossing for passenger trains!

The Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) has announced that both the Mukuba Passenger Train and Kilimanjaro Passenger Train will no longer cross the border between Tanzania and Zambia with effect from 30 March
2020 until further notice due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The trains will instead continue to run within the respective boundaries of the two countries. This...»
Coronavirus pandemic: Namibia to go into partial

The Government of Namibia has announced that parts of the country will go into lockdown from midnight 27 March 2020 until midnight 16 April 2020 as a measure to stem the spread of the coronavirus. These parts include the Khomas region (including Windhoek), the Erongo region (including Swakopmund and Walvis Bay) as well as the towns of Okahandja and Rehoboth. Under the lockdown, people will...»

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Coronavirus pandemic: Lesotho to go into lockdown!
The Government of Lesotho has announced that the country will go into lockdown from midnight on 29 March 2020 to 21 April 2020 as a measure in the fights against the coronavirus pandemic. Only the following essential services will remain operational during the lockdown in Lesotho: health, security, special banking, grocery shops, pharmacies, water, power
and fuel
. Lesotho's borders with South Africa will be closed during the lockdown but those supplying goods will be...»
Botswana: The Department of Wildlife and National Parks stops accepting all foreign currency as means of payment!
The Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) in Botswana's Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism has announced that with effect
from 01 April 2020 it will stop accepting all foreign currency
as means of payment. Clients are advised to use local
currency (Botswana Pula; BWP) and credit cards or debit cards where points of sale machines are available for...»
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