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  • South Africa - the good news - South Africa NEW
    weekly 702/SA - the good news podcast
  • African Perspective - Africa
    A weekly African documentary, which takes an in-depth look at life on the continent. First broadcast on the BBC World Service every Saturday at 0830GMT, the programme is available as a podcast available every Saturday at 9am.
  • Fest Forward Podcast - South Africa
    Welcome to the Grahams Town National Arts Festival's "Artsblog", created and maintained by a team of journalists under the watchful eyes of Mike Loewe (East Cape News Agency) and Steve Kretzmann (West Cape News Agency). The views expressed on this blog are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of the National Arts Festival
  • isizulu - South Africa
    beginner’s guide to learning isizulu
  • 2010 Vocab - South Africa
    The 2010 SOCCER WORLD CUP is around the corner. Are you planning on coming to South Africa? If you are why don't you learn a few Xhosa words?
  • Africa Past and Present - Africa
    The Podcast about African History, Culture & Politics
  • The Paradise Lost - Zimbabwe/South Africa
    A couple of times a month show for the scatterlings of Zimbabwe - the diaspora of all ages, races, and political persuasion who have made new homes for themselves all over the world because one of the best places to live went down the tubes. PARADISE LOST investigates how they are doing, what has happened, how they have coped ... or not. It's also a connection to a land we have loved ... and think about often, with conversations from back home.
  • The ZA Show - South Africa
    Coming to you live and loud from Cape Town, South Africa.
  • No Pictures Please - South Africa
    If two guys sit in a small room and talk about movies without recording it – did the conversation actually take place? Floating far away from the harsh glare of Hollywood's bright spotlight, Morgan Dingle and Jono Hall review films, discuss movie news and probably get more excited than is polite over scripts, starlets and everything in-between. South Africa's first and only movie discussion podcast.
  • OneCast - worldwide
    The ONE Campaign podcast. A powerful voice in the fight against AIDS and global poverty.
  • 24.com entertainment podcasts - South Africa
    entertainment stuff from www.24.com
  • Pambazuka News - Africa
    Podcasts for social justice! Listen to the voices of Africa with Pambazuka News.
  • The Times Podcasts - South Africa
    You've come to the right place for the best podcasts from columnists, special guests and staff writers at The Times...
  • The SA FM Podcasts - South Africa
    from Dramas to News... a little bit of everything...

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  • Zimbabwe News Update - Zimbabwe
    News and comment about Zimbabwe you most certainly will not hear on government-controlled media. A show for those interested in what really happens in Zimbabwe today. Availability: Weekly.
  • AfricaFilse: The Pulse - Africa
    Uncensored, unfiltered news from the African continent. The Pulse is produced in collaboration with AfricaFiles.org, a network of volunteers committed to the promotion of human rights, economic justice, African perspectives and alternative analyses
  • BBC World Service - worldwide
    From Monday to Friday, we produce a fifteen-minute programme which looks back over our most important, informative and entertaining stories of the day.
  • BBC World Service - Africa Today - Africa
    African news and analysis from the BBC's Focus on Africa and Network Africa programmes; the Africa Today podcast contains the day's top stories from the continent - available to download Monday to Friday from 1630 GMT.
  • BBC World Service - This Week in Africa - Africa
    A look back at the people and events that have made the news in Africa this week and offering insight and analysis of the continent's top stories with a light touch. This weekly 30 minute programme is presented by Joseph Warungu and broadcast on Saturday and Sunday at 1830 GMT.
  • Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) Podcast - worldwide
    Podcasts will bring another facet to the MSF voice as we try to offer another perspecive into the work we do and the people we provide care.
  • Sportsweek - worldwide
    Get under the skin of the week's big sport stories.
  • Arjen Westra's African Weblog - Africa
    Podcast of independent africa correpondent Arjen Westra travelling the continent.
  • Africa Today - Africa
    A weekly news program providing information and analysis about Africa and the African Diaspora. Africa Today seeks to update listeners on contemporary developments in Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and the United States
  • M&G "Between the pages" - South Africa
    Well-known South African broadcaster Tony Lankester brings you a weekly Mail & Guardian podcast that focuses on the main news stories of the week as reported in the M&G newspaper and on the M&G Online . The show includes insightful commentary on the news and no-holds-barred interviews with people in the news and M&G journalists.
  • The Citizen podcast - South Africa
    The Citizen's first podcast to launch offers an overview of what appears in today's print edition of the newspaper.
  • Shine 2010 podcast - South Africa -
    The 2010 Good News - all about the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Travel/Tourism - top of page -

Visit The Africa Guide for Tours & Safaris

Comedy - top of page -

  • Toast Fantastic - South Africa
    Original audio comedy sketches from South Africa.
    Toast Fantastic offers original hilarious comedy sketches. Everything here is created by our group of talented writers and performers
  • Monsta From Da Brog - South Africa
    A satirical, sometimes risky, cutting edge spoof news program. Recorded twice a week and released on our website www.kungfone.com and on the blog http://masterkungfone.wordpress.com as a free download. Written, recorded and produced by South African comedians John Vlismas and Duncan Harling.

Videocasts - top of page -

  • Cape Town TV - South Africa
    Local news, lifestyle and many more reports on Cape Town.
  • National Geographic - worldwide
    not from or about Southern Africa (some might be...), but most of the NG videocasts are really interesting.
  • Jacaranda Vlog - South Africa
    jacarandaguy's life in Pretoria
  • Travel in 10 - worldwide
    Travel in 10 is a 10 minute podcast taking listeners to destinations around the globe to present soundscapes and audiotours from hip hotels, great restaurants, concerts, festivals and events.
  • Pambazuka News videocast - Africa
    Watch African films via the Pambazuka News videocast, for the latest news and views about human rights and social justice from across Africa, as told by activists, academics, journalists and policy makers.
  • South African Wine - 2007 Harvest Report - South Africa
    http://www.winefilms.co.za | videocast available here
    New videos every day for the duration of the 2007 harvest, from wine farms across South Africa.
  • Drop Knee Blog - Southern Africa
    South Africa is an adventurer's dream. We have everything from extreme sports like rock climbing and mountain biking to the Big 5 and game viewing. This blogcast chronicles some of our adventures at the tip of the African continent.
  • Orange River Wine Cellars - South Africa
    A Series of short shows dedicated to ORWC. Anything from ORWC product information and exporting to wine making and bottling.
  • South African Wine Report - South Africa
    Welcome to the first audio podcast dealing specifically with South African wine. We will cover detailed topics about the grape varieties, viticulture, climate, soil types and all there is to know about South Africa’s great wines. In the future we will also have video coverage of vineyards so that you the viewer can see this beautiful land, and understand why these wines are so marvelous. We will also be publishing a detailed newsletter on all the best producers, to add to your reference.


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