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Mozambique in the eastern part of Southern Africa is, together with Angola in the west, the only Portuguese speaking country in Southern Africa. After almost five centuries under the colonial power Portugal Mozambique gained independence in 1975. The new freedom was followed by 17 years of civil war, which ended in 1992.

After peace was restored and the waves of aggression had calmed down, the first tourists came to Mozzie and rediscovered the almost forgotten beauty of the country. Endless beaches, white sand, the warm Indian Ocean and the welcoming people of Mozambique transferred the war-torn country into one of the fastest growing tourist markets of Southern Africa.


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Accommodation in Mozambique

Accommodation in Mozambique can be mainly found along the coastline and in the bigger cities. A few backpackers are around, but most accommodation establishments are self catering establishments in a rather midpriced categories.

Getting around in Mozambique

By car - Getting around Mozambique by car is defo the most convenient way of exploring the country. Rental cars are available in Maputo, as well as some other major centres. You will need an International drivers license (as well as your home country license) to drive in Mozambique, the vehicle-registration papers, a temporary import permit (available at most borders), and a third-party insurance. Make sure that you are actually allowed to drive in Mozambique if rented your car in South Africa. Some companies will extra-charge you for it. Driving on the beach and driving without a seat belt are both illegal. The main roads in the south are fine with a normal 2WD, but you will need a 4WD for most other areas. Unleaded fuel is generally available in major towns. Drivers are advised to obtain an international driver's license.

By bus - Taking the bus (or Machibombos) is the best option for getting around on main routes in Mozambique. Elsewhere, overcrowded, wildly-careening chapas (minibuses) connect smaller towns daily. Always take a bus if there’s a choice. All transport usually leaves early (between 3am and 6am), and surprisingly often on time.

by train - There is only one train line in Mozambique, which is connecting Nampula in Northern Mozambique with Cuamba (near the Malawi border). The train carries first, second and third class passengers and is usually packed with people. From Nampula, the train leaves around very early (5-6AM), although you should arrive even earlier to buy tickets from the booking office at the station. The area is packed with people traveling towards Malawi so expect queues.


Mozambqiue at a glance

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